Recording at Tonstudio Peter Rahe – sounds quite good…

If you are searching for a quality recording studio for music and speech in the amazingly
creative environment of the central downtown Berlin area- look no further: you have just found
the place!
The Peter Rahe Tonstudio (‘tonstudio’ is German for recording studio) offers the perfect
acoustic conditions to fully appreciate our modern technical inventory. We have long term
experience in all aspects of recording and mixing – from acoustic classical music to speech for
audio guides and educational facilities; and, from video sync to modern leftfield electronic

The Studio
Our recording room (26 sq m) offers variable acoustic properties; the control room is visibly
connected with a classical recording window.
We specialize in recording acoustic instruments – a beautiful Yamaha Grand is also a
permanent feature of the live room, and immediately ready for your recording. A mobile
adjustable vocal booth can be set up upon request for very dry vocal recordings.

Regieraum Tonstudio Peter Rahe

Control Room © Foto: Xavier Ballester

The control room follows the classic live-end / dead-end principle, offering a highly accurate
monitoring environment with a reverberation time of around only 0.3 seconds. The recording
room is relatively live; with the reverberation time resting – depending on the configuration –
between 0.4 to 0.6 seconds.
High end cabling connects the live room with the control room allowing 32 input and 16 return
channels. In addition, loudspeaker leads have been hardwired for hot reamping, live monitoring
CAT 7 Cables with a RJ45 patch bay can be used for patching MIDI and Network throughout
the entire facility.

Recording Studio Peter Rahe with Grand Piano Berlin Photo (C) by Xavier Ballester

Recording Room with grand piano © Foto: Xavier Ballester

Our main monitoring system consists of two Dynaudio BM 15A systems, which are driven by a
well tuned monitor management system. The monitor system has been calibrated according to
SMPTE RP 200:2002/ Bob Katz´ K- System.

Floor Plan Recording Studio / Tonstudio Peter Rahe

Floor Plan

All rooms are naturally lit by direct daylight and are ventilated via a mechanical ventilation
system with heat recovery (no AC = no draught, no dry air).
Here, we deeply believe in using green energy – all systems are powered with eco power (including this website!).
If you are carrying your gear in, you can reach our facilities by goods lift, straight from your
vehicle with dedicated parking available.
For a consolidated version of our information download our Factsheet as PDF.

For an initial consultation and to plan your next project at Peter Rahe Tonstudio please give us a call!

Stay tuned….


  • daylight in all rooms
  • mechanical ventilation
  • classical recording window
  • goods lift
  • 24/7 use
  • tea kitchen, fridge, espresso machine...
  • WIFI...
  Recording Room:
  • 26 s qm, daylightt
  • wodden floor
  • variable acoustics
  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
  Control Room:
  • 18 s qm, Daylight, vented
  • Live End / Dead End
  • 2 x Dynaudio BM15A Midfield
  • 2 x RFT B3010 Nearfield
  • 2 x Fostex PM-04 Nearfield
  • Monitor Controller
  • calibrated acc. SMPTE RP 200:2002
  • DAW Steinberg Cubase/Neundo on WIN7/64bit 12 cores
  • 2 x 40" Monitor LED/IPS Panel
  • various Controller
  • various Plugins
  • 24 CH Inline-Digital desk, Presonus StudioLive 24-4-2
  • 8 CH High End Preamp, MP8 LineAudio (Sweden)
  • 8 CH Interface 96kHz/ 24 bit, M-Audio Delta 1010
  • Motu Midi Express 128 8-in/9-out MIDI interface
  • 2 CH High End Tube Compressor, TL Audio Ivory
  • 8 CH Compressor, Kuhnle Eight-Comp
  • Various patch bays (XLR, 6.3mm Jack, NL4 und RJ45)
  • Sennheiser HD 25
  • Beyer DT 770
  • Beyer DT 990
  • 8 CH Stereo Headphone Amp
  • div. Beltpacks w. Volume Control
Mics and DI:
  • various large-diaphragm and small-diaphragm condenser and dynamic mics, PZM: Sennheiser, Beyer, Shure, RFT, Geffel, Neumann, AKG, CAD, LineAudio...
  • various trigger-mics and piezos
  • various passive and active DI-boxes
  FactSheet Download (PDF 60kB)